Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gym-Free Slim-Down - Glo from MSN

Gym-Free Slim-Down How Your Hair And Makeup Can Make You Look Thinner

The basic black cocktail dress isn't the only slimming tool in a woman's arsenal. Hair and makeup — when done strategically — can also make you look like you've been living a carb-free existence.

To get the skinny on how to lengthen a fuller face, we turned to two of L.A.'s most in-demand glamour pros: makeup artist Sherri Darlyn Terry, who's finessed the faces of supermodels, including Chanel Iman, Coca Rocha and Lily Donaldson, and hair stylist Robert Ramos, who's shaped the locks of Eva Mendes, Rachel McAdams and Jessica Alba.

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Article by Emili Vesilind, Glo from MSN
Image glo.msn.com

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